The meeting with our partner public organization

We organized an important meeting with our partner public organizations, thanks to whom we deliver food kits every day to those who need it most.
October 8, 2023 by
Валерія Сігуля

Representatives of non-governmental organizations from all regions of Ukraine gathered at the office of the UFBP to get to know each other better, to share the current humanitarian situation in the regions of Ukraine. Also discuss changes, trends, problems and challenges in work. And most importantly - possible ways to solve them.
The discussion was joined by authorized representatives of the European Food Banks Federation - FEBA and The Global FoodBanking Network - GFN, Jean Vandenshryk and Chris Rebstock, who told the organizations in detail about the activities of food banks and the importance of their development in Ukraine.

After summarizing the results of the meeting, Dmytro Shkrabatovskyi, the chairman of the board of the Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks, thanked the organizations for their productive cooperation in providing humanitarian aid to those organizations that had not received them before.

We thank each of our partners for their help, support, your important role in charity and joint work for the benefit of Ukraine. Now, more than ever, it is important to unite and do everything possible to make the lives of Ukrainians who find themselves in difficult living conditions better.