Our global mission is to strengthen Ukraine's food security and develop a culture of food consumption in modern society.

We are committed to Sustainable Development Goals, so our goal is to fight hunger and reduce food waste and CO2 pollution by redistributing surplus food production to people in need. 


To achieve this, UFBF facilitates regular meetings of the network, prepares monthly monitoring reports, participates in international briefings and conferences, documents each strategic decision and covers it in the media.

UFBF is creating an expert group that will set itself the goal of advocating for the interests and culture of both food banking and donation in general at the state level. As Ukraine is confidently moving towards membership in the European Union, our food industry must now prepare for EU requirements. Among them are the Green Deal and several other interesting things to learn. 

In addition, Ukraine has its plan for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. UFBF feels responsible for conducting an information campaign and developing infographics that can help our country on its way to fulfilling international agreements.