Support of the older generation

May 22, 2024 by
Валерія Сігуля

The majority of elderly people in Ukraine are below the poverty line.

According to official data, 51% of pensioners in Ukraine receive pensions of less than UAH 4,000.

Rising prices and economic hardships make accessing the food they need extremely difficult for retirees. Since there are not enough funds from the state to pay for communal services, the purchase of basic necessities and medicines.

At the same time, every sixth elderly person in Ukraine is lonely. What to do if a person does not have his own home? And if sick?

Thus, a well-deserved rest turned into a real test of life.

UFBF regularly provides food support to lonely elderly people, because it is especially difficult for them during the war. Many of them remain under fire, refuse to evacuate, because there is simply nowhere to go, nothing to live for.

Let's remember that old age is inevitable for each of us. And only by joining forces, we can become a support for those who need our support so much today.