Famous chef Evgeny Klopotenko in the main hub of the UFBF

November 10, 2023 by
Валерія Сігуля

"Famous chef. Restaurateur. Public activist. Popularizer of Ukrainian cuisine on the world cultural and culinary arena, initiator of inclusion of borscht in the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO." - this is what Wikipedia writes about Yevhen Klopotenko, but we now know that Yevhen is also just a good person. 

This Thursday, Yevhen Klopotenko visited the main hub of the UFBF and, together with the UFBP team, participated in the collection of food kits. He helped our volunteers sort products and pack them into boxes, which will soon be distributed among Ukrainians in need. Yevhen also personally communicated with and supported our volunteers, many of whom are immigrants.

We are always happy to see guests in our walls, moreover, such visits are extremely valuable, as they inspire other people to get involved in volunteering and helping those in need.

UFBF expresses its gratitude to Yevhen Klopotenko for his care and help.